• I always feel like a five year old when i have to haul out the tangle tamer spray for my hair 12:15 PM
  • @theambershow and I are attempting the "let’s meet in the front car of a commuter train maneuver" leaving from two different stations 2:28 PM
  • On the LIRR with @theambershow, next stop, my family 3:12 PM
  • @robblatt cheers! glad you made it! @theambershow survived my family and the 516 today, you two are rock! 10:12 PM #
  • @snowdaythecat has been hanging out around my bike. she has grease stains and looks like a junkyard kitty. 10:18 PM
  • "the weirdest scab you’ll ever have" (overheard) 10:57 PM