• Vet suggested, "with a helper" I bathe the cat in dish detergent to loosen the packing tape she’s gotten tangled in. Anyone up? FML 7:33 AM
  • @MikeyPod I owe you a beer for your bravery. Almost at 2 hours, think the worst of it is FINALLY coming off. #suckyalarmclock 7:48 AM #
  • @deanwhitbread Oh no! That is gut wrenching. I foolishly did some DIY packing tape inside out to deter scratching on a piece of woodwork. 7:52 AM #
  • @sizemore Thankfully I had some "calming" homeopathic treats on hand. Any less terrifying? 7:59 AM #
  • "Your cat got her first Brazilian" @wankergirl , sage 8:01 AM
  • This morning’s cat and tape fiasco  2:10 PM