Today on Twitter…

  • i really wish my cat would stop opening the fridge (and leaving it open) #
  • talking about new media conferences and podcamps #
  • today’s #NAPODPOMO only 6 days in and it is starting to feel insurmountable…what a challenge #
  • @HopeClary yes, cute…mmmm hmmmm. cute is a front for mischief. can’t complain though, my lil snow day is a joy. #
  • music videos on demand… sort of like hulu for mtv. #
  • @istarman THAT’S the first video you looked for!? LOL. that made my day. my first search was tori amos because I love bitches and pianos #
  • @jeffhinz it weeds out the tons of search returns you didn’t intend to find of shuts ins who do endless cover versions #