• interest in beach camping next summer?
    campcamp 2009 will need to reserve soon #
  • wow, hither hills montauk bummer of a campground to book. reservations taken only fri-sun, 9 months to the day to reserve, 1 site limit #
  • never buy prices are super cheap, only after you enter all billing/shipping infro do you find the asstarded shipping rates #
  • same bullshit with inflated shipping on getting really sick of the profit on items coming off shipping. #
  • i need to rob an electronics store #

  • Heather

    hey, if you want beach camping, you can go to wading river, which has a beach and is still hella far out on the island. We did that this summer and got three camp sites. I also have a propensity for sneaking in alchoholic beverages.