• Tonight when the fighting starts I’m not ducking #projectile #challenge 12:34 AM
  • @captaincrazy – Dude! Super empire cock building! 12:58 AM
  • pondering the level on the awkward/unnatractive-ometer of giant faux bling on the men vs. women in heels they can’t walk in #coatcheck 2:22 AM
  • And when I say to go fuck yourself, I mean to do so with no joy. 3:23 AM
  • 4am, parking lot, very ugly thing 4:02 AM
  • I’d I were a dj I’d mix the old Tracy Ullman "Go Home" line and play until dumbasses listened. 4:10 AM
  • I’d probably get beat up a lot too 4:13 AM
  • i feel like i got back the hour i lost last weekend. for that i celebrate with breakfast and sleep all day! 5:50 AM
  • great article questions the value of citizen journalism… by @paulcarr via @charlesarthur via @deanwhitbread 6:00 AM
  • really hoping the way i’m feeling has more to do with lack of sleep and less to do with the rod that fell on my head 3:46 PM
  • oh no, a meese has been bleached 6:34 PM

oh no, a meese has been bleached

  • robots know better 10:44 PM
  • adult-me smacks kid-me upside the head for declaring monty python unfunny. 11:35 PM