• @caseorganic are your ears ringing? nerd crush pow wow singing your praises at #w2o 10:18 AM
  • While I’m this far West going to check out a Chelsea exhibit I’ve been meaning to catch before it closes. #art #sex #lunch 12:05 PM
  • Weird 30 minutes later and photo still not posted on flickr. Wonder if "sfw" in the title flagged it. 1:05 PM
  • RT @LDpodcast: "SkeptiCamp" – The science and skeptical version of Bar Camp with Mitch Lambert @ 1:20pm #w2o #w2e 1:22 PM
  • Skeptic? Get your rear to #w2o #w2e @mitchlampert is discussing skepticamp #science FTW 1:27 PM
  • @caseorganic I believe @JeremyMeyers first mentioned you as someone to follow :) 7:36 PM Nov 19th #
  • two birds, one meteor. a legend thereafter known as "the battle for guano mountain"   9:31 PM