• @candasse happy birthday to yoooou! 12:29 AM #
  • @cheloreilly if you bought it with a transit card or ATM\credit card they can send you the difference. Call the MTA 12:30 AM #
  • As the final flames of #blattbash burn down… Thanks always @theambershow and @robblatt 12:58 AM

  • Cab driver getting down to early 90s Warrant (not "Heanen") fighting the urge to sing along 1:17 AM
  • my better sense seems to think getting groceries before it starts snowing is what i should be doing right now. my hangover does not agree. 9:32 AM
  • triple layered for warmth 10:23 AM

  • There is no Tang in this aisle. Then what is a "new age" drink? 11:00 AM