• Cops and neighbors trying to push a car stuck on my street. Where have the plows been? 12:23 AM
  • Now the cop van is stuck. The windowsill is more entertaining than SNL. 12:28 AM
  • @a_smith there are now 4 stuck cars. It’s more amusing than Sesame Street! 12:35 AM #
  • The cat has joined me in the windowsill watching the cars get stuck. 12:40 AM

  • Times Square traffic cam 1:00 AM

  • I fully expect to be woken up shortly by a crash resulting from this parking fail 2:01 AM

  • Fighting the urge to jump in undisturbed snow #snowandtell 1:16 AM

snow slide

  • It really turns me off when services I like pull the old follow and unfollow trick to up their follower numbers. #nerdturnoff 11:41 AM
  • Me: "You know the Survivor finale is tonight?" Mom: "You totally ruined my night, now I’m not making honey balls, screw it." 7:22 PM
  • Every year since starting the tradition of making a family calendar I swear I will take more photos the next, instead I seem to take fewer, 11:07 PM
  • year I also won’t wait so long to put it together. Always so downright sad to remove the birthday’s of those who’ve passed. 11:10 PM