• RT @effedparkslope: Also, if it looks like it’s cold out today it’s not: IT’S FUCKING FREEZING. 9:12 AM
  • screw it, I’m going shopping 2:08 PM
  • when the temperature drops this low, I find stating it in Celsius far more satisfying -9.2° 7:41 PM
  • @bklynebeth how charming, a diy-er, she made it herself after all 8:05 PM #
  • Tavern on the Green closing on the 31st. Sad. Random memory being there once in high school taking photos of the NBC page holiday party. 10:25 PM
  • @christinepeel Wondering if there will be a last minute investor or something, feels super wrong 10:31 PM #
  • This prefab sesame chicken noodle bowl tastes like dirty dish water and plastic. #goingtobedwithoutdinner 10:33 PM
  • @arsepoetica link to article – 10:41 PM