• waiting is the hardest part 2:54 PM
  • ordered delivery from 2 blocks outside a 10 block delivery radius. cautiously optimistic before I claim victory! 5:44 PM
  • @chowdown Confession: I never watched Seinfeld 5:58 PM #
  • Delivery success, Order fail. I can't believe I forgot to tell them no sour cream. 6:16 PM
  • If I ask you what color the sky is and you respond with driving directions to Tulsa #whatwevegothereisfailuretocommunicate 7:24 PM
  • tea just sprayed out of my nose. via @langley 8:41 PM
  • @orchid8 When reality bites you hard, just morph into a bear, blast some sweet Top Gun tunes and blow up the planet! 8:58 PM #