• @joiseymike maybe if you showed your peepers some love they'd work with you, not against you 10:25 AM #
  • @EmilysPearl The gcal has an embed code itself. Left column – My Calendars/Settings 11:43 AM #
  • RT @Pishba About time. IMF giving $100mil grant/not a loan to #Haiti and #IMF head calling for a Marshall Plan. #fb 11:47 AM
  • #shortyawards @gracepiper #food she can pull off a recipe in 140 and make my mouth water 1:08 PM
  • 3 trains to go 2 miles. Kills me every time. 7:11 PM
  • F Brooklyn Bowl. $5 cover then you tell us there's a several hour wait for a lane. F you! 8:23 PM
  • @nikkiana yep, and like suckers we're still waiting for a table 8:46 PM #