Your relationship will be canceled on save



My last break-up as finalized on Facebook.  I came across the screen grab in my "to file" folder (this is not recent) and it gave me a bit of a giggle.  I've since hidden the "relationship status" and can't imagine updating it with the status and person I'm connected to ever again.  Who needs the added drama when a relationship ends (or the dreaded conversation about when it's time to declare the end on Facebook)? 

At the time when I "canceled" said relationship I found it both hilarious and agonizing that I was given the option "Don't Cancel Relationship" as if it all came down to selecting one or the other.

  • Dean Whitbread

    Very good. I think it might also ask questions: "Was it ever going to amount to much?" "If things had been different, would you still be together?" and perhaps warn: "You may regret an emotional decision…"

  • Amber

    Dude.  I don't even have my relationship on Facebook.  Way too… something.

  • Sarah

    My BIL and his girlfriend broke up for a bit about a month ago.  Neither changed their relationship status, but my husband and I pondered having to experience that. I hide lots of stuff as certain things are just private and I would loathe having to click a button that asks me if I'm sure. Yeah, I'm sure I want to close that Window but thanks for checking Bill Gates.