Humor Me

Last week someone visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art fell into a Picasso (valued at over $100 million), resulting in a 6 inch tear in the front of the canvas.

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Beyond thinking, "So glad that wasn't me", Laura posed a question so absurd – I had to share:


  • cjdunn

    And the tenure of the museum curator responsible for protecting the art becomes shorter

  • Semi Permanant Girl

    It is not an absurd question – people's bodies are valuable. History has shown that companies pay people to advertise on their bodies (, you can insure body parts (, and people rent wombs to have children – so it stands to reason that a person may have value if they are able devalue something.

  • semipermboy

    Absolutely the body of the person increases in value. You see they become infamous for being a klutz. Like Duh…