• @chriscavs blasphemy. My grandparents (and I) disagree. I add a spoonful just after it starts to simmer (when I add tomato paste). 4:52 PM #
  • @ChrisCavs That stuff isn't fit for human consumption. Hand-make a big pot and freeze it in small containers. The jar stuff is blech. 4:58 PM #
  • When I get a craving this strong for Friendly's I'm nearly glad there are none in Brooklyn. 7:17 PM
  • bridal showers are such a scam 7:58 PM
  • @faboomama I have a huge family, just gets ridiculous. Gonna have to sell my organs for the gift orgies required to "celebrate the love" 8:12 PM #
  • @faboomama I'm just going to start formally celebrating birthdays and demanding birthday showers in advance of the celebration. 8:21 PM #
  • Just been informed that an ex's girlfriend refers to me as their "spirit animal". I've been called a lot of things, but never that before. 8:34 PM
  • This is so awesomely bizarre 11:01 PM
  • I should probably feel bad for wanting to see the John Edwards sex tape. 11:07 PM