• @preciousweapons I may already have the songs, but fuck it, bought the EP :) semi precious weapons on itunes, search it, buy it, work it. 12:33 AM #
  • @preciousweapons Surprise! Hadn't heard these songs quite like this before. Brilliant! Breathlessly awaiting March, lions and lambs and SPW 12:43 AM #
  • @theambershow Have faith that they are listening. May take them 10 years or more to heed the advice, but it gets stored somewhere. 1:45 AM #
  • New Blog Post: Past Roadtrip Memories 9:46 AM
  • @robblatt So happy for you! Congrats! 11:44 AM
  • I have just one message for the sky- Don't even think of raining until I have returned with groceries 4:02 PM
  • @MarkDykeman way too warm for snow 4:07 PM #