scenic california

A and I just got back from a lil road trip. We drove down to L.A., spent a few days visiting with friends, and decided to take two days for the return trek.

First, we drove North-East to Tehachapi, a town near the historic Tehachapi Loop (inspired by my Father’s model railroading hobby). From an afternoon in the mountains, we went back West toward the ocean – and found out that Big Sur is not so much a town name, but a description of the region that stretches from Cambria to Monterey.

We stayed the night in Cambria and woke up this morning to more rain unfortunately (and the sound of a cow). We made the best of it and wandered along Highway 1 along the coast. In between drizzles, we got to watch the seals here and then finally tore ourselves away to continue North until we were sent back in a town called Ragged Point due to Highway 1 being shut down. Carmel will have to wait for another day, which is no bad thing considering I’m going to be hard pressed not to find excuses to return to paradise on a regular basis.