Episode #0 – Primer


The goal of our first recording was to create a starting point of sorts, so that if someone found us a long time from now, they could listen to this and skip to the current place in time. We introduce one another, tell the story of how we met (complete with our first emails to one another), the genesis of “Spin the Bottle” and generally chew your ear off.



The first emails:


From: Nicole
To: Dana
Date: Oct 8, 2006 10:30 PM

I was directed to your podcast for the sad news about your relationship (i have sort of a wallowcast all about my break up and the fall out and so i guess now i’m associated with that…oh joy)…wow…WOW! i started at show 1 and i was first struck by your great voice, great recording set up, your joy, your location – honestly new foundland is my next vacation. i decided this a few weeks ago and i’ve been over the moon about it even if it does take a few years to be able to realize it. so of course when i heard that’s where you are, i was immediatly hooked, for my own intel on how to plan my trip. anyway, i just wanted to reach out and tell you that your last show stunned me. having been through an awful break up the past few months, i could relate to so much of what you said and you did it beautifully, and so intimiately i give you much props. of course i’d never wish this on anyone, even if not to feel a litle less alone in the whole mess. but, i’m babbling…this little window is throwing me off. it will get better, your attitude is amazing and you will find something even more perfect for you…though i know myself that when you’re going through it you don’t want to hear any of it. i guess i don’t have much to offer, mostly because i’d feel like a hypocrite. i guess the whole point of this message is to thank you for sharing and to let you know there are many of us out there.

i mentioned your show on my last one. if you have a promo, i’d love to play it. best and take care of yourself!

To: Nicole
From: Dana
Date: Oct 9, 2006 1:38 PM

Hey Nicole


I just listened to your last two shows and Ioved them. And thanks for mentioning me :)


I am thinking that both you and I are sort of in similar places in our lives at the moment. Well, I only have 2 weeks of distance from the breakup so far and basically I think the whole thing sucks! I mean, I know this is the right thing to do but there is just so much up in the air for me. Where will I live? What will I do on Friday nights? How do I get a date? Do I need to shave my legs more ?


See, I am just babbling now :)


So I am unsure if i can ask you completely personal questions, but I guess I will be obnoxious and give it a go anyway. Why did you and your ex-boyfriend break up? You had moved so far to be with him and then BAM!!! I mean, that must of been such a shock for you.


So..you should totally visit Newfoundland. I can tell you anything that you will need to know to make it a great visit. I am sure it will be the complete opposite of NY and NJ. Although I have to admit that for one of my next vacations I have to visit NY. I have been so desperate to go there for so long and I think maybe next year or so I will go there. All I have to do is find someone to go with me. Ugh – that is soo depressing. I am just getting adjusted to doing all of this stuff by myself.


Ok – I am babbling more now so I will shut up :)


Hope to hear from you again
Dana (aka, WankerGirl)