• I knew it was time to call it quits with holiday shopping when it seemed like a great idea to buy condoms for everyone #
  • time to start working on homemade gifts, i don’t like shopping and can never find the right thing #
  • ever have a conversation with a sibling and think "this could end in estrangement"? love the holidays, like every other day, but crazier #
  • @erkpod just noticed the shopping crowds suck. add christmas music and downright homicide inducing #
  • Sidewalk peeking through the ice #
  • @tapps you are awesome. was sitting at work pondering your awesomeness and thought you should know #
  • @deanwhitbread perhaps we’ve both been exposed to a leak of giddy? #
  • @mattgunn is your cat named dio? #
  • today i blame forgotten lip balm #