In 2008 I…

moved to Brooklyn
laughed a lot
cried a little
made some mistakes
worked…a lot
got a cat
said goodbye to my dog Sandi
went to Canada
made new friends
licked a bridge
shot a machine gun
set myself on fire – with a hair straighter

Song: "Seasons of Love" from Rent (Itunes link)

  • http://me.dm Phil Campbell

    Lovely. Bless you darling. Happy new year for later.

  • http://sparkshouse.com tom sparks

    Wish you and everyone in that video the best in the coming year. Someday maybe I will meet you all in person.

    Enjoyed every second of it!

  • http://TreoBenny.com TreoBenny

    …I’m speechless…amazing piece. Just…wow :-)

  • http://banannie.com/blog Annie

    Beautiful. It was an amazing year, huh? (and I am in there, waaaay in the back of one of the group shots ;).)

  • http://www.fridaynightdanceparty.com jeffhinz

    Happy New Year! What a year? Right? Cheers to 2009!!!!!!!!!

  • http://blog.filmosity.com Chris Cavs

    I love this video Nicole. so many good times this year. You guys made it fun despite all the crap that happened.

  • http://rlangdon.prblogs.org Rayanne Langdon

    I, too, love you, Nicole. Thanks for being part of making 2008 so much more than great. Hope to see you again soon.

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com Loic

    wow amazing video! makes me happy to watch it

  • http://www.TAylorBarr.com Taylor Barr

    This is absolutely amazing! great music choice and you look so happy. Maybe we can get the chance to meet in 2009! right on….

  • http://smallpictures.co.uk Dean