• one of these days i should probably learn how to properly hold and use silverware 1:20 PM
  • eggs benedict on ciabatta bread is brilliant in theory but stupid as hell in reality. 1:29 PM
  • @mtkr funny enough I ditched my toaster and microwave last month, didn't use 'em and could reach 'em up on top of the fridge. 1:51 PM #
  • I don't understand your art 1:59 PM

I don't understand your art

  • This explains a lot of disparities I've found on identical trips…class action lawsuit anyone? via @donohoe 2:21 PM
  • @ZaphodCamden I want details! 4:05 PM #
  • @ZaphodCamden Ha! Now I have "White Rabbit" stuck in my head. 4:28 PM #
  • "I tried to make him develop a stutter" says my friend about the man she is marrying this weekend. 5:32 PM
  • @mattgunn You sure it's not? A few thunders and lightenings here in Brooklyn. 8:59 PM #
  • @mattgunn that would be sort of hilarious actually 9:04 PM #