• What are the odds if my getting on the hour earlier @boltbus? 12:06 PM
  • @ChefMark that's what I'm hoping for, but the line is alarmingly long 12:09 PM #
  • @ChefMark I'm on the bus! Woohoo! Victory! 12:21 PM #
  • Baltimore-Bound 12:22 PM
  • @samtaters to put on a fancy dress and watch me some wedding 12:31 PM #
  • @samtaters Thanks! Wish me luck, I'm braving your buses right out of the bus station :) 12:35 PM #
  • postmortem porn–2/50386 12:49 PM
  • @joiseymike wedding tonight. Leave at 1 tomorrow. brunch at 11ish tomorrow? @samtaters @charmcitygavin 2:32 PM #
  • I wish my bus driver would get off his cell phone 2:37 PM
  • I always sort of forget Deleware exists. 2:40 PM
  • @TheSuicideKing holding it to his ear and all 2:47 PM #
  • I always thought Baltimore was on the ocean. My geographical ignorance is embarassing. 2:58 PM
  • Couldn't find bus stop. 1 shit food option at train station. BLT we are not off to a good start. 4:04 PM
  • If your hotel has chairs at the check-in desk you can expect it will be a wait 4:15 PM
  • Fuck out of town weddings if only for the "Oops, I really need a shawl or jacket with this dress" last minute crisis. #stuffedsausage 5:36 PM
  • @joiseymike down by the harbor… 7:37 PM #
  • @captaincrazy Do you know these people? 8:55 PM

@captaincrazy Do you know these people?