Amber’s Sing-A-Long

I'll be the first to admit, I was pretty intimidated by the call @theambershow put out for friends and strangers to join her in a public sing-a-long.  I don't sing in the shower, I try not to even expose my cat to my lack of harmonic stylings, but Amber is a dear friend and her Life List and enthusiasm to pursue each item is an inspiration.


I head out to the meeting point at Grand Army Plaza planning to lip-sync and quite honestly not very enthused to do it in front of strangers, in the light of the 40 something degree day. 


The spirit Amber created, along with her husband Rob, and the awesome group of friends who amassed to sing was giddy and contagious.  I let go, it was about the random burst of happiness that us sing-a-longers and the strangers who joined us felt.  Such an amazingly fun morning I was so glad to be a part of. 


  • Amber, theAmberShow

    Yay to you for singing! Thank you so much for coming, and for taking video. I totally spaced on getting footage, so I'm glad you did.