• @StevenAlleyn oh no! Say it ain't so…my neighbors opened up the portal to hell this month with the same problem. in reply to StevenAlleyn #
  • my sink is singing the crazy gurgle song it usually reserves for more showery times of day. yikes! #
  • Lovely LI visit, now back to the dirty city #
  • I'm not exactly blaming the baby for my headache, but he may have played a part. #
  • Long Beach #
  • Passing through the towns I grew up in. At times, I feel quite literally on the periphery of my childhood. #
  • everyone on the train wants my kumquat cupcakes #
  • Dashed into Brooklyn Flea to grab cupcakes 10 minutes before LIRR left station. If this was a video game I'd go to next level or get bonus #
  • @RickWeiss Fishing.One of the lesser known details of the healthcare bill outlawed twitter babytalk, suffixes and prefixes internationally in reply to RickWeiss #