• I'd really seemed to master sleep for awhile there…c'mon c'mon c'mon, bring on the zzzzzzzs dagnabbit #
  • I feel horribly cheesy admitting this, but the most recent episode of #Glee might be my favorite hour of television EVER aired #
  • I've been drafting and redrafting this one, now I set it free #
  • I far prefer volunteering to help people look for jobs and do mock interviews over actually searching and being interviewed myself. #
  • Tourists and mouth breathers a plenty on the narrow Murray Hill sidewalks. C'mon! #
  • @Documentally Perfect! Though I'd rather a friend pick my lock over pooping on my lawn #onrecord in reply to Documentally #
  • @Documentally surely you can pick a lock… in reply to Documentally #
  • special thanks to the person who called a car service and gave my # and dispatcher who called twice. can't find my way back to sleepland :( #