• Sonic Youth / Prospect Park news via @30secondlife (didnt realize retweet strips off who's stream you see something in if not primary) #
  • OMG RT @thesonicyouth: Sonic Youth will perform free at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY on July 31 as part of the Celebrate Brooklyn series #
  • figures. my cat likes the taste of "chew deterrent" spray. #
  • Forgo the casket – #
  • I feel quite suddenly awful. This better not be some sort of sick. Mainlining vitamin C. #
  • Bump Your Ass Off #
  • @langley Ha! This was a trip a few weeks ago, we went in! Had to re-upload it, the aspect ratio was way off. in reply to langley #
  • I didn't name the ride "Bump Your Ass Off"… #
  • cable down = inconvenient. condescending operator = enraging. #