new beginnings

On the ferry to the Statue of Liberty with @usermac

I was excited to meet @usermac when he mentioned he'd be passing through my fair city.  Brian was in NY to pick up his fiancé and her daughter from the airport  for their first visit to the U.S. from China.  For their first full day in the country, Brian planned a symbolic "Welcome Home" by way of a trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  A sucker for sentimental gestures and adventures with out of town guests, I was pretty psyched to join them.



Having met so many great folks on twitter and elsewhere online, I love the opportunity to see New York City through the eyes of a visitor.  This was a truly cultural exchange, I've never helped someone pick out their first "American" meal before.  How do you explain french fries, chicken tenders or even a muffin in a way which sounds remotely appetizing?  The salad was not warm, which was apparently unexpected, the dressing too sweet – we laughed, we shared food, stories and awe, and of course we hammed it up for photos.  I always thought Asians were flashing the peace sign in photos, I learned the bunny-ear-finger-formation is actually a "V", for Victory.  It was a gorgeous morning, both in the sense of the weather and the overall experience.  Never far from my mind was my own virtual sojourn of tracing my ancestor's (by proxy) trip through Ellis Island, generations before.


As long as I've know Brian online,  he's been in love.  I'll say it now, my jaded self discounted the distance and obstacles as impossible, or not likely, in the context of my own failed long distance relationships….but here she was, here they were….starting their life together, and it was a truly epic day,  a beginning, and one I was honored to be a part of.  There was so much more to see, or so I thought from my tour-guide state of mind, but they had adventures yet to be revealed in Washington DC, and a life to begin together in Kentucky.  They started their American journey in NYC, at a place where so many before them started theirs, a small detail not lost on this humble local.





  • Annie Boccio

    What a great story! So thrilled for Brian and his bride.

  • Brian Ginn

    Thank you Anne. I am very happy.