• the "freelance" recycling guys are having a turf war outside my window. apparently my block is good, but better on the other corner #gothere #
  • @kosso oh, I haz it and I even made it sing in reply to kosso #
  • my cat sounds like a demented bird #
  • @kosso love the name, loving everything about sir nigel #
  • @HitOrMissJudy I was referring to 42nd specifically. Grand Central > Port Authority. Chrysler Bldg over theatre district in reply to HitOrMissJudy #
  • Peeking through the trees, Bryant Park. This city feels a lot better now that I'm employed. #
  • I can now solidly say I prefer midtown east over midtown west #
  • Pet Peeve #14 – Being forced to order food by cutesy names. I will list the ingredients, I'll leave it to you to ring in the right sandwich #
  • @randymatheson rub fabric on fabric, use the bottom of your shirt against the part you nailed with deo. Don't use paper towels, tissues, etc in reply to randymatheson #