• "maybe you need a boyfriend" reaction to my iPhone face burn #
  • attempting to detract from the burn on my face with bright blue eye make up #
  • @kosso sad to see such an un-amicable parting with something that was your labour of love #
  • Fighting the urge to ram this vessel #
  • The only paper in here is toilet paper and I'm not exactly putting that in my purse when I'm done with it #
  • so i fell asleep playing plants vs. zombies on my iphone which was plugged in. woke up with a nasty burn on my face. #spaz #
  • @solobasssteve – @tapps fanclub in reply to solobasssteve #
  • I was singing "tapps is here tapps is here" in the shower. then i thought, why am i singing? in the shower? about @tapps? then i lol-ed #
  • breaking news – i just turned the fan away from me because it is downright chilly up in here #