• Must be past my bedtime but "Where the Wild Things Are" seems like an anti-Ritalin campaign and for once I don't know which side to take 12:51 AM
  • Backyard wedding 12:15 PM

Backyard wedding

  • It's a pizza and lingerie sort of afternoon 4:19 PM
  • my mom can't handle the asynchronous nature of iphone games. i've been commanded to finish this game of scrabble tonight or else. 8:51 PM
  • @rojopelo Fantastic! 7:31 PM #
  • I blame being unemployed the bulk of the past year for my love of the Emmy's this year. I never watched enough tv to get into them before. 8:57 PM
  • @spin nice llama! 9:17 PM #
  • @missrogue Had such a blast doing a few weeks ago too with @robblatt @tapps @mattgunn etc. Such an awesome way to see NYC and BK 9:28 PM #
  • fuck the emmys for not streaming. 9:52 PM
  • RT @daisy17 Sigh. Jon Hamm and George Clooney in the same room. Unfortunately my vagina was not invited. 10:07 PM
  • Claire Danes, you go girl! Extra xoxox for not getting implants. Ever. 10:29 PM
  • Who takes a bath in the dark? Apparently my neighbor. Sorry for walking in on you. #bathroom #sharing 10:33 PM