The thing I love about putting these little end of year videos together is the reminder of just how great life is.  Without taking the time to revisit the year that's wrapping up I'd probably sum up it up as half spent unemployed and the other half working.  With so many joyful moments in between, I am so glad I remembered to pull out my camera and document a few.  Starting with swimming off the coast of St. John's, Newfoundland with Dana and Jess cheering me on from the rocky shore (and giggling maniacally), I managed to toss off my wool coat and jump in…in the drizzle, and a rainbow appeared right after.  It was amazing, effing freezing, and unforgettable.


Earlier in the year there was #coatcheck, where I got to bond with family and make some cash when I badly needed it.  The lovely Laura got married and still found time to play – taking a balloon animal class, hitting various manner or balls at Chelsea Piers, and a spontaneous bumper car trip to Coney Island.  I got to kayak on the East River, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges with Rob, Tracy, Matt and co.  Dana, Brian, Sarah V, Sarah C, Mario, Sukhjit, Wesley and you, and you, and you visited this year.  There were Blattbashes and Amber had a sing-a-long in Prospect Park.  I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and NY Cares.  I got to see Michael Monroe play live in NYC.  OMG, I'm still a shameless teenager!  Wanna fight?!?


…and I became an honorary Newfoundlander by being screeched in and may have developed a momentary crush in the process (what can I say, apparently I have a thing for men in foul weather gear).  It may be the last thing I remember of that trip, but that trip was the highlight of my year, much thanks to Dana and her wonderful family.  I licked a cod, inadvertently started a Canadian chant of USA, USA! and you get to witness a cultural tradition spoken in English, even if you don't recognize it as such. Bonus points if you can make heads or tails of what's being said or what's going on – I barely could.  Full video below.


I am so grateful for all my friends and family! Thank you for making 2010 awesome!


Extra hugs to the  theambershow for the kayaking photos and @SOTMario for his Coney Island pictures.


Music by Sook-Yin Lee


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