• @bryanbuchan no blogworld for me, i'll be in new foundland visiting @wankergirl :)  11:49:48 AM #
  • iphone burns and other somewhat amusing and cautionary tales Saturday, September 11, 2010 1:06:13 PM
  • serious cabin fever setting in. usually my strep symptoms clear up after 1st day of antibiotics. getting worse. pray for my tonsils please,  4:56:12 PM
  • 9 years ago #wherewereyou  5:10:49 PM
  • Fever 1 Nicole 0 Fine, I'll take ANOTHER nap. You better be gone when I wake up.  5:54:27 PM
  • god i hate your blogs that require i click to read every single article. i mean, i know it probably helps you make money, but GRRRR #cranky  7:06:03 PM