• Just realized this is the first NYC thunder and lightening storm I've experienced from a relatively high floor.  5:43:46 PM
  • @nikkiana I shut off the lights and we all oohed and ahhed  6:17:20 PM #
  • @HopeClary just a different vantage point peeking between other buildings. One half off the sky was black while the other was bright  6:19:06 PM #
  • @elliottcarlson let me guess…you walked to the bus at the height of it :)  6:20:04 PM #
  • Tales of Brooklyn tornado have me nervous of what I'm returning home to.  6:49:50 PM
  • Actual footage of the tornado that just attacked Brooklyn. Check it out!  7:30:35 PM

  • As I walked home realized I couldn't tell the difference between storm damage and the normal state of things. 8:10:42 PM