Hanoi Rocks

YouTube is the ultimate on demand jukebox (see songza) and today I found myself looping Hanoi Rocks. By the time I became a fan in the late 80s they were already defunct and if not, a little obscure. I read metal magazines like boys my age read comic books and sought out the influences and likes of those I listened to. I remember my first solo trips to NYC were always to record stores (Bleeker Bobs, Second Coming, etc) where I coveted the imports and concert videos I found. At times, the pursuit of these things was like a long sought treasure hunt and only after a cassette tape was purchased might I find I didn’t like them at all (specifics long since forgotten).

I still love catching a recommendation by way of a mention, only now it’s often through Twitter or a conversation online…and the treasure hunt is only a few clicks away. I am both awed by the instant gratification and nostalgic for the adventure that finding things used to be.