• Stay classy United #unit #d #airline

Stay classy United

  • @rojopelo ahahahahahaha, i just really lol-ed (clearly I'm delirious and in an airport) xoxo to you and @philcampbell #
  • Through security! On my way to the fabled northern wankerterritory! #OMG
  • @rojopelo this is the future #
  • @philcampbell do I need to see the warriors? #
  • I have decided the guy in front of me is don imus though I'm sure he'd be in some special waiting area if it was


  • Fuck! Airport alarms going off, was told it was "nothing and to ignore it" it is splitting my eardrums #securityFAIL
  • philcampbell I know you can relate to escape from ny :). Will check it out! #
  • @barnstormed thanks! @philcampbell will do! have a great one :) #
  • Waves to Toronto (your airport is really nice)
  • hummus gets sex out of carpets #fact
  • @LloydDavis very true and it's only day 1 yet #
  • If I never come back to NY, it's because I ran off to St. John's and adopted myself to the wankerfamily
  • Audioboo: 1st night in St. John's

1st night in St. John"s (mp3)

  • Having stunning conversations about the connections between St John's and Brooklyn. Everyone knows someone