• Should go to bed but…can't…stop…watching…miners. Hope all return to the surface safely.
  • Thoughts also with families who never had a happy endings such as this
  • @Pishba and I'm an hour and a half in the future #newfoundlandtime #
  • This wankinginternet…oh wait, really. buffer buffer
  • @Pishba I came to my peace considering NYC time as "real time" on new year's eve a few years ago #
  • @TheDiva Is it really so sad? I consider it a minor triumph, personally. The people I adore remain, the ambient noise fades to static #
  • @orchid8 Ha! And she's been so quiet. God, I miss her. Can't wait to see you soon! xoxoxo -crazy cat lady #
  • @orchid8 will do in the morning. I cooked for her and thus she has passed out for the night. #
  • Just one more and then bed… I swear. Miners are like Pringles apparently, once you pop, you can't stop
  • I've got a list of 33 people that I'd like to see buried in the earth for 2 months. None of them are Chilean #Miners
  • Tomorrow I must edit my photos from Signal Hill today, not that I did it justice, but STUNNING

view from Signal Hill

  • the only thing that could be more awesome about this rainy lazy morning would be if someone brought us food

  • Pssst San Francisco, my favorite chef is looking for a job, pass it on
  • Dear UPS, please deliver my bank card soon. Getting sick of waiting. No thanks to wachovia. Thanks to my mom.
  • Fuck you UPS. Overnight can really mean 5 business days!?!?!? Now my bank card is schedules to arrive after I leave. Thanks. thanks a lot.