• @mattgunn have fun in the crush #crowdphobic11:06 PM #
  • @Documentally are you there yet? 1:22 PM #
  • trying not to panic. accidentally pulled iphone cord out of computer in the midst of updating. computer not finding alfred. #ohno 2:04 PM
  • The flurries have reached Brooklyn! 2:22 PM
  • @GracePiper They made a short appearance in Bed Stuy. Back to grey, but at least it's not raining 3:00 PM #
  • @VodafoneUK 25/11 19:51 #FreeBees 3:14 PM #
  • I think someone on the train has shit themselves. #thanksgiving 3:52 PM
  • The mood on the LIRR is far from thankful. Bunch of nasty pushy clucker 4:07 PM
  • I am sitting next to the chattiest kid ever. Partially annoyed, part charmed. 4:08 PM
  • This kid is making me feel old. I don't know Kung Fu panda but apparently he was a highlight in the parade. 4:11 PM
  • Kids parents gave him $25 to carry his sister on his shoulders so she could see everything. Can't imagine he saw much, kid is like12. 4:14 PM
  • We've run out of things to talk about. Now he's singing. 4:17 PM
  • Audioboo: train (Journey) ambiance 4:29 PM

train (Journey) ambiance (mp3)

  • @dfrw didn't want to interrupt his solo 4:31 PM #
  • @Documentally Congrats! Was enjoying following the adventure, do over, north to south? :) 8:04 PM #