• @theambershow inspired me, I'm finally cleaning out google reader and attempting to actually use it
  • @usermac food arrived 3 hours later. after midnight. ridiculous #
  • First thing I'm noticing about my google reader subscriptions from many moons ago is I used to care a lot more about Film. #unsubscribe
  • I REALLY hate the "new" twitter. When it goes away I can't imagine checking in that often. Bummer.
  • @solobasssteve embraced the old school url awhile back, don't wanna use an app. stomps feet, doesn't like change ;) #
  • @MeadowsLing. Try putting it in your mouth. That made me throw mine out once and for all. #
  • A week after the storm and I'm stuck in a cab spinning tires in the snow on a Brooklyn side street. #WTF NYC
  • 1st date of 2011. Cue "Get Into the Groove" or something else goofy, celebratory, err something