• Snow mummy car

Snow mummy car

  • @RobBlatt gave much blood at the doctor today and still at work. No loco for me but if I'm up for coming by when I get out I'll be in touch #
  • @HopeClary Ha! I spotted it last night and was glad they hadn't shoveled when I left this morning. My guess is they will dig it out soon #
  • I just blew raspberries at a coworker To answer a question. Wild Friday night
  • I'll call tonight the one in which I walked ten blocks in the opposite direction so desperate for a cab I almost cried #tragic
  • @randellfever you caught me #
  • @EmilyHanhan Literally almost started pleading my case to others in the same position. "I got blood drawn and my arm hurts" seemed too lame #
  • I celebrate willing, skilled and careful cab drivers (with GPS). 5K** you are my hero
  • @ChazFrench congratulations! smiling and doing a 360 degree wave because I don't know which way is west from here #
  • Cash cab advertisements on NYC taxis, brilliant but cruel
  • @NickStarr makeup shouldn't be so heavy it would matter #
  • @rlangdon cash cab is my secret dream #