• Watching Black Swan for a second time with my friend Laura "This chick is just always bleeding, it's starting to bug me"
  • Black Swan takeaway #2 Natalie Portman is a selfish lover and probably a cutter
  • "Don't throw those away, they're your friends"
  • "I can't watch what comes next, she's always bleeding. Oh her toes are webbed, just put your shoes on tard" – Laura
  • @ChazFrench I think we went to Kush and Castro in my hood. Cuban and I'm not sure, possible Kush was Senegalese?? #
  • When a friend turns Black Swan into a comedy it's a good night.
  • "bitches get crazy when they don't eat"
  • @EmilyHanhan @ChazFrench my faves… The cobb salad and the mac and cheese #