ACTB: from us to you

A bunch of friends wish another bunch of friends (partying together in Wisconsin) well…


download (wmv)


ACTB for the uninitiated – or


I gave folks less than 48 hours, tried to reach out via twitter, facebook, seesmic, email, etc…I was shocked by the response, but sure I missed some/didn't give enough time.  The scary thing is there are more of us non-actb-ers then are on this video thinking of everyone this weekend.


Dispatched from #ACTB headquarters.  Thanks @rojopelo!


  • Rayanne Langdon

    Nicole! You keep doing it! This is so awesome. The best parts are Dan’s classy wardrobe and Fidlr’s sincerity. Haha.

    I hope all the Angry Campers are jealous of US this weekend! Hah.

  • Rick

    Bravo! That’s a masterpiece of editing work Nicole. You’re my hero. Seriously, well done.

    And great video submissions from all of you.

    Especially Dan, Starman (Starmike?) and Fidlr.

  • Giannii

    That video was lovely and I truy hope you continue to make more videos. You have now inspired me back. *tips hat*

    We should setup DISQUS on this blog of yours. =P

  • kspidel

    we just finished watching this video as a group in @tapps basement. Huge cheers! Thank you for doing this! Love you all! Thank you so much Nicole!

  • Adele McAlear

    Nicole! WELL DONE! You did a really fabulous job editing this and thank you for inviting me to participate. I so wish I could’ve been at #actb. Boo!

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  • Krissi

    Rock on! Thanks so much for putting this together… we missed all of YOU!!