Dear New Year’s Eve,

I really didn't know what to do with you this year.  There were awesome invites to celebrate with friends, one overlooking the crowds in Times Square, the other a cozy promise of fun staying local in the borough.  I wanted to do both, perhaps cut myself in half or leave the decision to the last minute, and maybe do neither.   Luckily my friends are cool with that and nothing was set it stone or required a solid decision.  I wasn’t worried, maybe you would work yourself out, maybe I’d chose wrong and be disappointed.  C’est la vie.


For the first time in a few years, I wasn't feeling hasty to end this one.  Not just yet.  It has been a really good year (icky catastrophes excluded of course).  I want to slow time, it goes too fast already.  I'm in love and a nostalgic fool.  The pressure to make you as perfect as possible was in the back of my mind, and it wasn’t just about me – slightly intimidating and smile inducing.  Gosh, you’re so complicated.  It’s also been a busy year, I was tired and enjoying the laziness of the holiday break.  So you snuck up, you went too fast.  You are sort of a jerk that way, and yet I appreciate that about you.  


You started with routine errands and became an adventure that found bounties of bagels, unexpected ceramic wares, Brooklyn scenery, and people watching.  You were a beautiful day, unseasonably warm and I was just enjoying walking, hours flew by as we walked.  It had been too long since I'd done that.  This back injury is frustrating, I've been benched for months.  But, I don't want to talk about pain, it makes me feel old and boring.  And, you don’t talk about fight club.   I'm gratefully starting to trust that this pain isn't permanent, I just have to go slow, and I'm not very good at that.  On your day, I overdid it and the decision of how to spend the evening was becoming one of deduction.  When I would have been getting ready, I had to rest.  We had to rest.


I mentioned I'm in love, which is unicorn, partner in crime cliche, double rainbow fantastic.  But when we’re not on Cloud 9 in our happy bubble, we’re mortals and we’ve been swimming in snot covered tissues recovering from colds most recently.  Somewhat sweet, since not spent alone and the cuddles are precious; but being sick is just crappy.  Compounded with the screaming appearance of Arthur (I’m stealing my Grandmother’s expression for cursed arthritis, which is maddening when settled in your sciatic nerve and sounds only slightly less boring when personified…and I already said I don’t want to talk about it).  We considered making dinner reservations.  Table for 2.  Maybe 4 if we brought our bugs with us, 5 if Arthur stuck around.  Nah, it’s more fun when it’s just the two of us.


And, somehow it all fell into place, as I can always trust you to do.  A spontaneous text from a friend I hadn’t seen in too long, turned into a visit.  I didn’t have to get dressed, made a quick trip to the store for food stuffs and ate and drank in good company.  The three of us watched a silly movie and set out around 11 in search of something I’d never heard of, only having read a vague mention of the tradition the day before.  Something local involving steam whistles and BYOB, another little adventure.  I put on my zip up onesey pajamas under my coat and packed a bag with some booze.  We found the Pratt campus with our ears and got there just in time to claim a spot at the front.  


The gut-vibrating whistles were intense, we giggled, my face was frozen in a huge smile.  I forgot about my cold, there might even be something medicinal regarding deep sound massage and chiropractic sciences, but I wasn’t drinking that heavily.  I’m just finally re-learning how to pause, I didn't notice the clock strike 12.  There were many kisses, I was really happy.  It was perfect and yet so perfectly not.  You’re just another day after all.  But, I do love punctuation and exclamation points and you sure made a loud exit .  Next year, I know you’ll creep up again too quickly, and I might even plan for you this time, or maybe not.  I also love ellipses.