• If there were two of me, one could still be sleeping
  • I witnessed…it happened. RT @JoeCascio: @starmike Are you at the Sony MLB event in NYC tonight? If so, give @sukhjit a hug for me. :)
  • In which I let a stranger brush my hair #MLB #Sony
  • @ChrisCavs one with @RobBlatt @theambershow @starmike @sukhjit etc #
  • There's a time to duck into a doorway and let the men do recon, and that time is now
  • @_LauraPalmer is following me, not sure if that or waking up to the boy punching me in the tummy because he's dreaming of zombies is scarier
  • @Pishba @sukhjit always great seeing you #
  • And then he said I have little football feet.
  • from what i can gather I'm watching a movie about an insolent spoiled ginger nazi and richard prior #the80swereweird