• "really, it's not all about zombies". I think I've heard this before
  • @bradatpharma sending positive thoughts your way #
  • What country is this supposed to be?" "It's not really it's own country…" " San Francisco?" "uh huh." I'm already confused #gameofthrowns
  • @SOTMario beware of the rape van #
  • Wander red hook? Games at coney? Catch at prospect park? Batting at Randalls? Today is perfect, only I can't decide what to do!
  • @theAmberShow May stop by, hate to miss a #blattbash – especially for Rob's bday. Boy taking me out to dinner, will depend on when and where #
  • @dfrw ;) #
  • Does your YMCA have a smoker?
  • Somewhat concerning sky writing

Somewhat concerning sky writing

  • Glad this isn't a metered taxi, driver took the bay ridge route back to bed stuy
  • This is starting to feel like we are on candid camera. Watching this guy ignore his GPS and miss turn after turn