Growth Spurt

Growing up I was the tall girl.  I split my chin one summer and the doctor at the emergency room didn't want to give me stitches.  It was assumed I'd be so tall people, many shorter folks might be looking up at me…so I was sent to a plastic surgeon.  Legend had it my Grandfather was over 6 feet, so it was assumed I took after him.   I stopped growing in the 4th or 5th grade.  And in this photo taken in 6th grade, I still had a few inches on my classmates (I'm the one with the goofy braces, crimped bangs and MY GOD, I loved that comfy sweatsuit/skirt contraption).  Everyone continued growing and I stayed put, at 5 foot 2. *  Except for the inconvenience of having to consider whether I'll wear heels when I have to hem every pair of pants I buy, like I'd imagine most of us, I stopped thinking about my height as a changing variable somewhere around the early years of high school.


Then, I went for my semi-annual – whenever I get around to it – physical.  There were routine questions, there was the "open up and say Ahh", the tetanus shot I'm still sorry I got, and then I was weighed and measured.  "5'4." "No, I'm 5'2"." Hmm, turn around, let me do it again."  "Turn around and look, you're 5'4"."  I asked him to check his records.  I've stuck with the same doctor for over 10 years now.  He'd measured me 4 times before.  Always 5'2'.  I was amused and asked if he got a new scale.  He hadn't, and so we checked again.  At 33 years old I grew 2 inches.  WTF!?!  I know.  Then he asked if I've been seeing a Chiropractor.  Apparently it happens sometimes when you are doing exercises that lengthen your spine.  It's been a month since I've gone for physical therapy, and I'd probably need to start doing yoga regularly if I'm going to keep these two inches.  I'm still skeptical, it's not like I've been squinched down two inches since I was 10, but he explained it doesn't work like that.  I also don't think you can just get taller as an adult.  But, apparently I did.  I need to have someone measure me with my own measuring tape, but I won't be asking my Dad – he'll still call me Nitroll :)


*except for in California where the DMV mistook my 2 for a 7 so my liscene had me at 5'7