• “he even went so far as to high five me when he came.” #
  • …and then i kicked your ass #
  • you can subscribe to cable channels online, can you? i’d pay for hbo or showtime online but i do not have/want a tv. #
  • i meant can’t….edit tweet – can you subscribe to cable shows online for a fee? i don’t want cable/tv and i don’t want to buy dvds #
  • Huge kisses and hugs to Itunes for allowing me to deauthorize all computers at once and start over. Bigger kisses still to @langley though #
  • thanks @bronwen Going to have to say ass fucker a lot more to get to “enthusiastic porn star” rating #
  • i loathe modern animal farming. oh boy. here we go again. #
  • uh oh…outlining another project. but…this one is “different”. snivels at the repetition of that statement. #
  • i can’t imagine ever retiring. this is what i think about at almost 2am on a friday/saturday #