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A huge thank you to my friends who joined me in the torrential downpour on Saturday to celebrate my birfday (and to all those who couldn’t make it as well). I’ve always considred my weekend-long 21st birthday to be one of the most touching events of my life and this one makes the same list. It was everything I could have wanted and more…friends and friends of friends of friends, and even with my phone and internet down, I got so many beautiful messages from family and friends that I’m truly beyond words. The night was everything that makes me happy, just sitting around with people I adore and chit chatting with champagne, and despite the rain and my intial regret to trek across the river (and a shitty watiress) – a few hours sitting in comfy seats having cocktails, and then the near sunrise gorge of sugery sweets and gratifying conversation.
I had so much fun and felt incredibly spoiled to start yet another year with the feeling that this one is going to be great.