• @lbuscher 5th grade was 1988/1989 for me 7:53 AM #

diary from 5th grade

  • Just lent a stranger on the street $20. Curious to see how it plays out. 9:37 AM
  • btw if you are going to sxsw just to party, i pretty much hate you. #jealousy 9:56 AM
  • @Documentally bring the puppies! 10:18 AM #
  • your galleries are slow and cumbersome. but, at least you smell nice. 12:07 PM
  • 60 degrees and powder blue sky 12:36 PM

  • the fact that this exists within subway distance from nyc blows my mind and makes me dance a spastic jig 2:42 PM
  • @kallardnyc $35 for a weekday (open to midnight) not so bad for a treat 3:05 PM #
  • let’s go on a slapping rampage 3:15 PM
  • so random stranger never showed up with the $20 i "lent" this morning. looks like i was had. 5:38 PM
  • @charleshope he offered me his iphone as collateral and if he didn’t lie to me twice i have a phone number and email address. 5:59 PM #