• @pasties favorited. @pasties I was trying to show off my flexibility but the cat totally one-uped me by licking his nonexistant balls. 12:08 AM #
  • i have a major Elvis hard on this morning. 8:19 AM
  • @usermac You saw ELVIS?!?! I never got it until I saw/heard the 1968 Comeback Special. Fantastic. 8:32 AM #
  • dear twitter, i never much minded your spontaneous unfollowing before. in fact it charmed me. i draw the line when you drop @wankergirl 10:46 AM
  • anyone have a favorite Burlesque venue/show/performer in NYC? It is on @wankergirl ‘s "to do" list and i’d like to go on recommendation… 1:10 PM
  • Puddles 1:44 PM
  • Is my cache full or is the new "cool" thing to post a white block as your photo? #annoyancethresholdreached 2:53 PM
  • Flight 1549 is one news story that doesn’t get old. goosebumps. 10:32 PM