• watching "lost" from what i can only characterize from the other side of the proverbial shark 12:49 AM
  • @philcampbell @documentally @barnstormed @magiprint Awesome Adventure! Nice chunk of change you helped raise too. Very Cool #gumballstyle 7:37 AM
  • Feel a bit like Paul Revere today (even though a false tale), want to run up the street shouting @wankergirl is coming @wankergirl is coming 8:35 AM
  • the paul revere bit is a bit false, but the @wankergirl bit 100% true. yay. omg. 8:36 AM
  • @barnstormed you should totally pitch a series where the lot of you profile different charities and fundraising events #gumballstyle 8:43 AM #
  • Apartment slumber party ready. Late for work. Need end of day and house guests here for official weekend kickoff 9:06 AM
  • I am so excited to see @wankergirl in a few hours i could puke. 10:21 AM
  • @wankergirl @sexdwarf got us a box of valentine chocolates to share. How nice is that? 10:40 AM
  • charity auction idea could be to stalk you online and give a brutal opinion on what I turn up. hell I’d do that for fun. any takers? 1:25 PM
  • the only thing missing this weekend from making it the most awesome ever is @langley 2:19 PM
  • Very sick of stress, very 6:00 PM
  • Ex lax 7:08 PM

walking down Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn

  • @Langley its over I need time to focus. Actually I met someone named russel and he understands my love of Canadian extended buttons. I’m sry 9:23 PM
  • I <3 balls! Let’s hear it for balls! @ me! 9:26 PM
  • Guest Twitter appearance over 9:29 PM
  • @tapps I love ypu 9:41 PM
  • Errr@tapps I love you (but not the iPhone keypad) 9:42 PM
  • Hot nutella 9:58 PM
  • Omg and I quote "If my poo tasted like that I’d be digging in the toilet" 10:01 PM
  • On the house 10:08 PM

Sarah's charm scored us dessert

  • twitter like a caveman 11:31 PM