allergic to sleep


In 2005 I had a number of scary episodes where I lost my vision, or at least portions of my field of vision. 


An old blog post I wrote in the midst of it –



After numerous doctor appointments and tests I finally figured out the most likely cause.  Ambien.  Because I'd stopped taking everything I was on (only Ambien) and because it never happened again, my doctor and I figured this to be the most likely cause. 


My ability to sleep has not improved.  Rather, I can sleep – like a champ, but I never want to do it at night.  At night I get bursts of energy and my imagination is in top form.  I want to DO at night, not sleep.  Given this is modern reality, I work all day…so I'm often exhausted at night.  I find myself idle, but rarely giving in to sleep.  I constantly fight myself because I want to be productive when my mind is keenest, but by the middle of the week the body grows tired and above all I need to be productive 9-6.   I've tried for years to "reset my clock", read endless articles, tried disciplined regimens, changed diet and excise habits, gotten loads of advice, etc.  I'm up to about 5-6 hours a night which I can live with, but I know it's not ideal.  I hate feeling like I'm never in top form.


I found myself trying to reclaim my midnightish bedtime after I lost track of it for a few months.  I got some tylenol pm, which I also avoid because I am not very fond of pills and chemicals. 


I took it once last week, again once this weekend and then on Sunday night.  On Monday morning in the shower the old field of vision started narrowing.  My eyes grew swimmy and I expected a migraine.  Thankfully the headache didn't come, but I spent the entire day with intense anger and and a feeling of out of control rage.  I slept wonderfully last night.  Today I feel better, totally fine.  I couldn't help but wonder if there is a shared ingredient in ambien and ty pm my body is allergic to or just doesn't like. 


I continue trying to find an ideal schedule and routine that makes the most of my time awake.

  • Rob Blatt

    I had an episode last year where I woke up without my center vision. Id on’t take anything to fall asleep and I still don’t knw what caused it. All I could see was peripheral. It was scary as hell.